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Does anyone know ?

Does anyone know a lindsay hynes from southbridge Massachusetts?

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Please make this chics life suck

Jennifer Balmeceda
1010 shafer st
Oceanside, ca 92054
(808) 280-7125
Credit score is near 700

fat people

The thought of being physically intimate with a fat person makes me feel sick. All that built up fat makes me feel unhealthy just seeing it and having my body enveloped by their diseased flesh is just disgusting

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love you.

they need to fulfill the book

the narrative is so twisted. deja vu - same global mass manipulation to get rid of Trump.
why are they portraying Israel as the beast


Death certificate falsification
Covid Payouts
.Admission $
.Ventilator $$
.Death $$$
(Death by medicine)
Harmful ventilator protocol
Tiktok nurses