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Trudeau Gate - Justin Trudeau - Money Laundering, Illegal Casino with Chinese operators and human trafficking, Racism, Secret ties with China, Chinese Military, We Charity scam, close ties with Podesta, pedo symbol on old website. And HE is a pRImE MinISteR ??


Who spied on Donald Trump?

What is Elsagate (Elsa Gate)

Elsagate is a term used to classify videos (Especially YouTube) that are categorized as Child Friendly, but are actually gory, satanic, or sexual. Some of the most popular type of Elsa Gate videos are based on cartoons of Elsa, Peppa Pig, and Caillou. Elsagate is made to scar and damage young kids.

Pedowood - Hollywood Pedophiles

Here are some of the more popular names of Hollywood Pedos
Seth Green
Dan Schneider
Jimmy Savile
Ted Gunderson

Biden Didn't Die From Covid

Just in case... Blow this up. #bidendidntdiefromcovid

Biden Didn't Kill Himself

Little early, but #bidendidntkillhimself

Pizzagate is REAL

Pizzagate is REAL

Ellen is on HOUSE ARREST

Do we need to even dig into this one? Ellen DeGeneres in on House Arrest.

Oprah is on HOUSE ARREST

Yep. It's true. The theory about Oprah's House Arrest is true. Part of a huge deep state takedown project.
Look at her ankle at the Harry and Meghan interview.

Were Harry and Meghan even there?
You know, the Michael Jackson hologram concerts were pretty high quality,,,, BACK IN THE DAYS.